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Students are strongly encouraged to research financial aid opportunities before the start of the program. Financial aid includes help financing the experience through loans. Scholarships reduce the overall cost of attendance through awards of funds that are applied to tuition.

Scholarships and Fellowships

The MS in Health Communication offers both merit-based and need-based scholarship awards.

Merit-Based Awards
All applicants will be considered for merit-based awards; no additional application is necessary. If a student has received a merit award, the Admissions Office will notify the recipient at the time of admission.

The scholarship award amount will vary based on the discretion of the Admissions Committee. Awards range from $1,000-$7,000. Awards are not cash payments. Award recipients will not receive a check or any form of direct payment. Award values only apply toward tuition in the MS in Health Communication program at Northwestern. The award value is applied against the recipient’s tuition balance upon enrollment. Award amounts are split evenly over four academic quarters. Admits who are Northwestern employees may specify how they would like their award distributed.

Need-Based Awards
If a student wishes to be considered for need based aid, they must apply to the program within the first three application rounds and complete the FAFSA at the time of application. To be considered for a need-based award, please fill out the free FAFSA form online at: and use the code 001739 for Northwestern University. Admitted students will receive notification of need-based awards on a rolling basis. Admitted students may receive BOTH merit and need-based awards.

Students are encouraged to research various fellowship opportunities available to graduate students through Northwestern University’s Fellowship Office.

Military Benefits
Qualified Veterans may use the VA Educational Benefits offered at Northwestern