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Tuition for the Master of Science in Health Communication program (MSHC) is $6,212 per class, billed at the rate of 2.25 classes per quarter for fall, winter, and spring quarters and 3.25 classes for summer. The total cost of tuition is $62,120 for the ten courses if the degree is completed before 8/31/2021. This includes four (4) quarters of instruction, course materials, and weekly lunches. Students provide their own laptop computers and occasional textbooks (approximately $500 in total).

International students must take at least three credits per quarter (at $6,212 per credit) in order to maintain their student visa. International students take three credits in the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter and 3.25 credits in the Summer quarter. Thus total tuition for an international student taking 12.25 total credits is $76,079.

Students are strongly encouraged to discuss financial options with family or those who may provide support while you attend school to select the financial resources that best fit your circumstances and needs. Most students rely on multiple funding sources; financing options typically include personal resources, federal or private loans, external scholarships and sponsorships. We encourage you to investigate all sources of funding, including government and private scholarships.

* Note: Tuition is evaluated each May. The Program reserves the right to make changes affecting the policies, fees, curricula or any other matters referenced on this site.