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The NU Difference

Healthcare is fragmented and complex. As a result, cost, quality, safety, and patient experience suffer. Northwestern MSHC students use their ambition, imagination, optimism, and curiosity to bridge gaps, improve coordination, and simplify across the healthcare industry. They take a Northwestern direction towards better care.

Interdisciplinary Nature

Problems of cost, quality, safety, and patient experience are large and complex. No single discipline can give you all the tools to fully address these issues. The MS in Health Communication draws faculty from several disciplines around the university with the goal of providing you with a robust toolbox to develop the skills needed to solve problems in healthcare.

The interdisciplinary nature of the program is reflected in our student body. We seek students with a variety of backgrounds because we know that diverse experiences, interests, perspectives, and skills are necessary to create positive, inclusive change across the healthcare industry.

Dr. Gale Kricke describes why she enjoys teaching in the program.