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Student Spotlight: Meet Rachel

Discovering a New Career as a Recent College Graduate MS in Health Communication students impact healthcare in diverse ways.

Meet Rachel, a current student using her network and knowledge from Northwestern to make a career transition. 

How Northwestern influenced her career goals:

“Both my current role [as a conference producer for the life science industry] and the MS Health Communication program have helped me see the option for a career in educational design. Gaining perspective about what’s happening in the world of healthcare and learning how to utilize communication science to help stakeholders do their jobs better is very exciting for me.”

The program is opening new doors already:

“I definitely feel that the MSHC program will positively impact my career. When I mention this program to delegates and speakers at my conferences, they are always so intrigued by the content of the program. The value of this field of study is always agreed upon, and since Northwestern is truly at the forefront by offering this program, I’m definitely ahead of the curve. Additionally, this program is helping me show potential employers that I’m truly focused in healthcare, since my undergraduate studies were in the liberal arts space.”

Rachel’s dream career:

“My dream career would be designing educational content for patients or physicians… I want to solve problems within healthcare and make the overall patient experience less costly and more efficient, and working to educate at a high level is the best way I can think of to do that. It’s a growing field, and I’m excited to be entering it!”

As a result of her talent and her MSHC connections, Rachel recently accepted a job offer at a Chicago-based company offering patient engagement solutions through educational technology!