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Student Spotlight: Meet Martin

MS in Health Communication students impact healthcare in diverse ways.

Meet Martin, a current student who is using his education at Northwestern to improve health in Chicago’s under-served communities.

Why he joined the program:

“I realized that I needed to complement my work experience with an advanced academic foundation. I want to have as many tools as possible to address some of the most persistent health problems in underserved communities.”

Why Martin doesn’t mind Saturday classes:

“In spite of all the demands work, school and personal life place on me, Saturday in class is the thing I most look forward to during the week. Learning from our great professors and from my very accomplished classmates is truly incredibly rewarding!”

His dream career:

“My dream job is to be in a senior leadership position in an organization (national, regional or local) that seeks to improve community health, particularly in underserved communities… I started to focus specifically on health disparities in underserved communities when I was hired by the American Diabetes Association to do Latino community outreach in 2005.  [Northwestern’s] program has helped broaden my frame of reference when examining health disparities and ways of considering solutions.”