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Student Spotlight: Meet Erin

Why she joined the program:

I had recently shifted my career path…I wanted to know everything I could about how to communicate with people about health-related issues; I wanted to work toward becoming an expert.”

What Erin wants you to know about the program:  

“The caliber of the professors, the guest speakers, and the other students is pretty amazing. I was a little nervous about taking on such a big financial commitment with this program (and wondering if it could really be worth it), but I’m seeing first-hand that there’s a reason Northwestern has the high-quality reputation it does… the other students in the program come from pretty diverse professional backgrounds, so it’s nice to now have contacts in other areas, too.”

Her professional life:

Erin describes her current role of Senior Copywriter at Evive Health in Chicago, IL as, “…kind of a dream come true. The majority of what I write right now is consumer-facing, and I like writing in that really casual, relatable, personable voice. I get to research all sorts of health topics and write about them in a way that will hopefully entice people who would otherwise be disinterested, and get them curious enough to try… a new healthy behavior.”

Erin’s dream career:

“My dream career would to someday be a staff writer at a magazine or a full-time freelance writer, focusing on health and wellness topicsThe program is already giving me more confidence in my current job, because I’m learning more and more about the topics I write about, like health insurance, which will only continue as the program progresses.