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Our mission is to develop leaders capable of facilitating positive change through populations and healthcare networks. Supporting leadership development allows students to amplify the impact they can have on the companies, organizations, and communities they serve.  A few of our many opportunities for leadership development can be found below.

Alumni Coach Groups

Students are assigned to sections, giving you small group support and an immediate network of educational resources. Sections consist of seven to ten people. Since teams are assigned, each group includes a mix of diverse careers, interests, and backgrounds. Small group interaction encourages intellectual exploration and collaborative idea exchange and provides valuable insight from MSHC alumni who have been through the program in past years.  All coaches are recent graduates of the program who provide writing support and can share advice on how to maximize your program experience.

Student Involvement

To take a formal leadership position within the program, students can apply to be a Student Ambassador or a member of Student Leadership Council (SLC).  Student Ambassadors represent the program to the greater community and assist prospective students with questions about the program.  SLC meets monthly to lead initiatives that build community within the class and to serve as class representatives to the program administration.

Students who are interested in being more involved but prefer a more flexible opportunity can apply to be a part of our social media or blog teams.  These roles create content for our audience across multiple platforms and give students the opportunity to create tangible materials that help bolster their professional resume.

Leadership Practicum

The leadership practicum is designed for students with five or more years of full-time work experience. This course focuses on developing individual leadership awareness, style, and skill in the context of healthcare. In certain circumstances, students with less than five years of managerial full-time work experience may apply to complete the leadership practicum.