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Student Life

Engagement with our Student Life resources empowers each student to thrive at Northwestern from the moment they first set foot on campus.   

There is no typical Health Communication student, and there is no traditional career path that he or she follows. Despite their varied backgrounds and career aspirations, our students and alumni share a common goal: to design and promote improvements in health and healthcare.

As members of the MSHC community, our students gain access to a variety of student life resources to connect and engage with their classmates, faculty, and staff both in and outside of the classroom. The network of Northwestern alumni and resources—unparalleled in its depth and breadth—strives to support the success of our students long after their completion of the program. 

Whether a student is just beginning their career in the field or joining us with more experience, the MS in Health Communication program works to provide academic, social, and career development support to each member of our community. Through admittance to our program, students gain access to an ever-growing group of like-minded individuals, each striving to improve our system of healthcare in unique ways.