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Tressa Frankel

Tressa Frankel

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Undergraduate Institution: Iowa State University

Undergraduate Major: Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Minor in Psychology

Type of Work: Nutrition PR & Communications Intern at Weber Shandwick

Why did you choose the MS Health Communication Program at Northwestern University?

This program was a way for me to bridge the gap between my two passions of nutrition and communications. A consumer marketing company may be a rare place for a registered dietitian (RD) to work, but because I already had my nutrition background, I wanted to gain more insight into the communications world. The MS Health Communication Program was the missing piece to my career goals, and even better, it was close to home!

What are your career goals?

My goal is to establish myself in the nutrition PR and communications world. I hope to be a part of a company that will challenge me, teach me and give me the opportunity to grow. I also hope to establish a platform with a few of my RD friends that can act as a resource to help future RD’s, provide nutrition guidance, share life advice and foodie photography from around the country.

What is your favorite part of the program so far? 

The great thing about this program are the classes that make you want to go to class for 8 hours on a Saturday. Who knew that was possible? I genuinely enjoy learning something new every Saturday, but I think the best part so far are the people. This includes the classmates that have become friends and even the professors and advisors, who are some of the most entertaining and enjoyable teachers I’ve ever had. Hats off to them!

Any tips on balancing school, work, and life?

TIME. MANAGEMENT. Even for the Type A personality that I have, this was an adjustment balancing a new full time job, school and trying to have a personal life. Prioritize your assignments, don’t wait until the last minute to contact your TA for help and don’t forget to give yourself a break during the week to see friends or just relax. Balance isn’t easy, but it’s doable.

Is there any additional advice or information that you would share?

Be open to meeting new people! One of the best parts about this program is the wide range of work experience, backgrounds and insight people bring to the table, and I think there is something to be learned from everyone. This makes for great discussions, new perspectives, and new friendships. It’s a good reminder that even if you’re stressed, you’re not alone.