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Maggie Dougherty

Maggie Dougherty

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Undergraduate Institution: U of I

Undergrad Major: Spanish Language and Culture

Type of Work: Administrative & Archival

Why did you choose the MS Health Communication Program at Northwestern University?
I chose the MSHC program because it will enable me to utilize my unique skillset and desire to improve healthcare. This program makes career transition possible and provides the knowledge base to make lasting change.

What are your career goals?
I want to improve the efficiency of clinical processes and increase patient understanding and participation through quality communication. I am concerned with the health of the population and want to foster better health outcomes for those who have poor or no access to healthcare. 

What is your favorite part of the program so far?
The amount of knowledge my colleagues have is humbling. I love learning and there is a lot to learn in this program. Listening to everyone’s ideas and perspectives is so fascinating. It is a wonderful outlet for knowledge and collaborative learning.  

Any tips on balancing school, work, and life?
The stress of balancing it all can be overwhelming, but having a strong network makes a big difference. Invest in your current relationships; family, friends, spouses etc. They will keep you grounded and provide strength. Create new friendships with your fellow classmates and learn to trust and depend on each other. Sharing the burden with each other will give you reaffirmation, clarity and inspiration.