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Laurie Kocal

Laurie Kocal

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Undergraduate Institution: North Central College

Undergraduate Major: Communications

Why did you choose the MS Health Communication Program at Northwestern University?

I became interested in this program because of its healthcare focus. I was looking to challenge myself to another level and knew coming to an elite school like Northwestern it would offer a rigorous learning environment. I recognized this program was the missing link in my transition to the healthcare industry.  I’m able to take my strengths and interest in technology and apply them to solving communication problems. It allows me to explore my creativity in solving these problems with more of a humanistic approach.  After attending a class, I was impressed with the collegial atmosphere, the openness in the class discussion and the sense of camaraderie among the cohort.

What are your career goals?

The broad answer to my career goal is to help people engage in their healthcare to lead a healthier life and to champion emerging technologies and therapies that are working to create better health outcomes.

What is your favorite part of the program so far?

Everything! The program is incredible, the support is overwhelming and the vibe of the cohort is we are in this together as we continue to get to know one another.

Any tips on balancing school, work, and life? 

Find your external support from family and friends and be open minded to what you are about to learn!