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Kimberly Ramirez

Kimberly Ramirez

What is your hometown?
Los Angeles, CA        

What are your interests/hobbies?
Reading history books         

What are your favorite Chicago activities?
Going on urban adventures on the L, eating Chicago pizza (I recommend Pequod’s Pizza for deep dish and Father and Son for thin crust).    

Did you work full time through the program?
I did work full time throughout the program.

Was time commitment reasonable?
I feel like the time commitment was reasonable. Having been out of school for a couple years since undergrad, it took me a couple of weeks to get back into the groove of being in school.

Were you able to balance work and school?
I was lucky that I had a supportive employer who allowed me to be flexible. I was able to get some reading and writing done at work, as long as I was doing my regular work.

Professionally, what are you doing now?
Currently, I am the Supervisor of Program Initiatives at Sinai Health System. I am responsible for the overall coordination, development, and implementation of HIV patient navigation and linkage to care initiatives within Sinai Health System. I facilitate the linkage to care of all patients who are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS or who self-disclose to their provider.

How has the program changed the way you view healthcare?  
This program has drastically changed the way I view healthcare. Although the Affordable Care Act has created access for millions of Americans. There is still much work to be done to continue to reach medically underserved communities.

Did you discover anything new or unexpected at Northwestern?
It was truly amazing being surrounded by peers that were as passionate about improving health care. Not only were my peers exceptional, all faculty and staff within the program brought expertise and professionalism.