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Justine Podraza

Justine Podraza

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Undergraduate Institution: National Louis University

Undergraduate Major: Health Care Leadership

Type of Work: Customer Service Associate at Wolters Kluwer Health

Why did you choose the MS Health Communication Program at Northwestern University?

Working for a company that specializes in patient engagement, I have always been intrigued by UX design and wanted to explore that further. Simplifying health care information so that patients are able to understand and adhere to instructions regardless of their health care literacy is a passion of mine and I knew this program would be a great fit for me.

What are your career goals?

I would like to work on designing tools that are easy for providers and patients to use and manage their care more efficiently and effectively.

What is your favorite part of the program so far?

Learning about all of the different ways one health communication problem can be addressed. I also have enjoyed learning from my fellow classmates and their experiences in the health care space and their perspectives during lecture. The classes are interactive and you leave each class learning something new every week.

Any tips on balancing school, work, and life?

Spend time with friends and family after class on Saturday. I like to have the majority of my homework completed by Wednesday of each week if possible, so that I can relax and feel ready for the next class session.

Is there any additional advice or information that you would share?

Utilize all of the resources available to you! Your TAs and writing coaches are there for you and will help you if you need additional assistance. Be organized, start homework early, and remember that the program is only a year long.