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Erin Mynaugh

Erin Mynaugh

What is your hometown?
La Grange Park, Illinois

What are your interests/hobbies?
I love music and try to get to a concert at least once a month.  I also enjoy cooking – mostly for other people.

What are your favorite Chicago activities?
This city has so much to offer – some of my favorite things to do are trying new restaurants, exploring new neighborhoods, and going to Lincoln Park Zoo.

Did you work full time through the program?
I did.

Was time commitment reasonable?
It was challenging sometimes, especially near the end of a quarter, but as long as you schedule, prioritize, and stay organized it is nothing you can’t handle.

Were you able to balance work and school?
I was.  Definitely made some concessions in the way of my social life, but it’s only a year!

Professionally, what are you doing now?
I’m still working with my current company, working in tech and leading a team through a massive integration.

Tell us about a “Northwestern moment.” More specifically, was there a moment either in class or otherwise associated with the program where something really clicked for you?
My Northwestern moment was the Saturday class I had after I had to miss the previous week due to my cousin passing.  She was a large reason why I decided to join the program.  I was sitting in Dr. Liss’ class and we were talking about the US Health system, which is a not complicated at all… 

Listening to and discussing with my peers really solidified the impact I was hoping to eventually make.  Create interventions and solutions with the patient in mind, help them become their own advocates, and improve the communication.

How has the program changed the way you view healthcare?
I’m paying closer attention to things I brushed off because they just seemed too overwhelming.  Prescription documents, explanation of benefits.  I’ve become more engaged in my health.

Did you discover anything new or unexpected at Northwestern?
Its an incredible community – within and outside of the MSHC program.  Everyone wants you to succeed and are willing to support in any aspect to help you reach graduation!