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Deidra Jackson

Deidra Jackson

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Undergraduate Institution:  Northern Illinois University

Undergrad Major: Operations Management & Information Systems

Type of Work: Lead healthcare product development and implementation teams, focusing on advocacy through strategy and design.

Why did you choose the MS Health Communication Program at Northwestern University?
I choose the MSHC program because it aligns with my passion to focus on improving healthcare for Americans.  It is the only program of it’s kind that goes this deep on the topic positioning me to make a contribution and difference.

What are your career goals?
To become an industry expert and have a major impact on the US healthcare delivery system for the betterment of Americans.  I am open to which doors will open up to allow me to meet that passion as a result of this degree.

What is your favorite part of the program so far?
My favorite part of the program, I’d have to say are the interactive lectures.  It’s great to hear the point of view from various classmates that have a unique perspective on the current healthcare systems based on the various lens they see through.

Any tips on balancing school, work, and life?
Set designated times to accomplish certain tasks be it for work, family, or school and stick to it!  Get into a rhythm and routine.  Apologize to your circle of community in advance for this year, and your need to be away more than normal… breathe it’s only a year.

Is there any additional advice or information that you would share?
Invest in yourself by getting the most out of your degree through active learning each week.