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A Personal Experience in Health Communication

Welcome friends! My name is Christopher Le and I am a current Masters of Science in Health Communication (MSHC) student hitting the final stretch of the last quarter before graduation! I want to introduce myself in a way that allows you to understand this program better in terms of why I chose this program, what makes me unique from the rest of my classmates, and how I plan to utilize course content and learned skills in the healthcare setting. Hopefully, there is at least one spot in which we can connect with and you feel more informed about your decision to join this wonderful program!

Passion for Healthcare Advocacy

My lifelong goal is to work in the health profession and as I have grown up, I find myself interested in inpatient-pharmacy. As part of my service requirements for school, I have even volunteered at Swedish Covenant Hospital for 6 years and going, inpatient care units, Emergency Department, central transport, and more. Because of this experience, it has allowed me to directly be in contact with patients and their families as well as an array of health professionals (i.e. doctors, physical therapists, social workers, CNAs, nurses, secretaries, etc). I understand what each side of the spectrum goes through; especially through interactions, these can be quite different and dynamic. I find my volunteer experience to be essential in validating my passions for healthcare because I enjoyed learning medical terminology, working in a hospital setting, and personally contributing to patient wellness.

MSHC as a Foundation 

Before I apply to pharmacy school, I wanted to take advantage of my gap year by being a part of the MSHC program. Given that this program is 1 year long, it seemed appropriate and manageable to get a Masters degree within the time frame. The intention was for this degree to give me a solid foundation in healthcare to pursue more professional careers. Through education in the US healthcare system to tackling difficult conversations, I knew that this degree would set me apart from other people who have not gotten their Masters yet and make me a more unique candidate when applying for pharmacy school and other respective jobs.

Personal Motivation to Excel 

As a first-generation college student and eldest out of three siblings, deciding to get a Master’s degree was a difficult decision; on top of that, I recently graduated from Loyola University Chicago with my bachelor’s degree. I wanted to continue education and be productive with my time to set an example for my younger siblings to not give up on academics. This MSHC program aligned well with my schedule and it was, indeed, a step forward from being an undergraduate. Entering the program was wonderful because I was surrounded by many peers that had similar backgrounds and interests in healthcare as I did. After 3 quarters with my peers, I have become more connected with others, professionally, and applied content to my volunteer work at the hospital. With this degree, I hope to excel even more through opportunities with healthcare agencies and companies who look for bright people who are passionate and educated in health communication.

Hope for a Successful Future

Everyone who is a part of MSHC has a desire to be a catalyst for positive change in the healthcare field. With the topic of healthcare being so broad, many things can fall under this aspect, whether that is finding effective ways to promote healthy practices, interactions between patient and physician, and many more. Therefore, all of us have used our own backgrounds and experiences in health and implemented learned course material to professional settings. In doing so, we grow in leadership and pave the way for promotions and stronger networking. 

I am confident that this program and the connections I have made with others have created a foundation for me to excel in my aspirations to become a compassionate pharmacist for patient wellness.