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Halfway There!

By: Carlyn LaGrone, Class of 2018

You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun and boy were they right—7 months later and its April 2018! I can hardly believe we have the first class of spring quarter this upcoming weekend and that I am technically 50% done with the MSHC program. As I think back to how I felt before the start of winter quarter in January, I find myself feeling even more excited for what’s to come. Winter quarter offered a new perspective on topics such as healthcare and technology as well as healthcare and challenging interactions that I had not thought of previously. Since then, I have engaged with classmates, done research for homework, and read articles about both topics to really gain insight on the subjects.

But what’s next?!
This question comes to mind as I head into the quarter 3 of 4 for this degree. And I truly won’t know the answer until after surviving class 1 of spring quarter! The breaks between quarters allow time for both reflection and excitement. The past 2 weeks of spring break gave me time to truly rest up for the weeks to come. I am feeling rejuvenated and ready to start up classes again.

One thing this program has instilled in me is the need for routine and structure through my weeks. I loved my time off but I find myself eager to get back into my weekly routine that instills a sense of organization and normalcy in my life. Something I think I will carry with me beyond this program is a personal improvement in time management and prioritization. I started to realize the importance of these things when the program first started and it’s something I continue to improve upon as time goes on. Even before this program ends though, these will come in handy for MSHC things coming up sooner than graduation because things are about to get busy for us MSHC students.

Other things on the horizon are the summer internships required of students in quarter 4 of the program. I have high hopes that with these time management skills I’ve further developed, I will be able to incorporate them when having to balance my fulltime job, the MSHC program, and a new internship role. The past few weeks has been critical in the search for an internship that will fulfill the requirements while also allowing personal and professional growth for each of us. Though the internship is in the final quarter, being proactive has been important in order to lock something down for the future.

So it’s April 2018—back to the question earlier, what’s next?! Starting a new course load on Saturday which means getting back in the swing of things, mapping out the next 10 week quarter, and finalizing an internship so I am ready for graduation. Time really does fly when you’re having fun, learning, and in a 1 year Master’s program!