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Are You Using Networking Opportunities?

By: Rosa

Networking provides students with the opportunity to find a job, meet people, practice communication skills, learn from others, and expand our businesses.

The Center for Communication and Health at Northwestern offers valuable networking opportunities to students to aid your job search.

Here are the top networking benefits that the Center for Communication and Health offers to the students:

  1. Proseminar Network: Students learn from industry leading speakers every Saturday. Speakers present a topic related to their business in healthcare and come from a variety of different backgrounds. Scientist, doctors, health administrators, nutritionist, college professors, and pharmacists, among others all come to share their experiences. Students have the opportunity to ask questions about the speaker’s business, job trajectory, contact information, and gain career advice.
  1. Classmate Network: Our class is extremely diverse. This diversity gives us the opportunity to meet people from around the country and the world. Our students come from all walks of life and each with unique career pathways. Aviation, pharmacy, nursing, doctors, teachers, and business administration, just to name a few.
  1. Faculty Network: Experienced professors are a vital part of our program. They have vast knowledge of the healthcare system and communication science. Doctor Reddy, for example, is a professor of human-computer interaction. He taught us technology design and the importance of understanding workflow in healthcare to more effectively utilize technology.
  1. Northwestern University Activities: The School of Communication coordinates student fairs, job fairs, speed networking events, and social activities every term. Last winter term we hosted a student party at the student lounge of Abbott Hall. Our students had a great time saying goodbye to the winter term and welcoming spring break. We are not all about studies; we have fun too!
  1. Northwestern University Online Resources: There are many online platforms available to support student job search, freelance opportunities, and internships. is an example of the portal that students use to look for jobs. SoConnect has access to data based sites such as Indeed, College Recruiter, Snagajob, and Global Focus Undergrad Portal. Also, SoConnect helps you to calculate salary, make cover letters and provide resume advice with personalized interview schedules.

Finally, this motivated group of professionals at the Center for Communication and Health will help you to succeed in your job search by facilitating valuable networking opportunities. The program represents an open door to become part of the Northwestern family. Remember, the people with whom you associate can influence your personal and professional success. Therefore, it is important to be surrounded by professionals with a positive vibe who can and will help you succeed.