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There is no typical health communication student or traditional career path that students follow.  Our students and alumni share a common goal: to design and promote improvements in healthcare and health communication that embrace their varied backgrounds and career aspirations.

Whether a student is just beginning their career in the field or joining us with more experience, the MS in Health Communication program works to provide academic, social, and career development support to each member of our community. Through admittance to our program, students gain access to an ever-growing group of like-minded individuals, each striving to improve our system of healthcare in unique ways.

Student Involvement

Students who begin the program in the Fall quarter are able to volunteer for one or both leadership positions: being a MSHC Student Ambassador and being a member of the MSHC Student Leadership Council (SLC). 

Student Ambassadors represent the MSHC program and Northwestern University. They discuss the program and their experiences with prospective students and are featured on the MSHC website and various advertisements. 

Student Leadership Council members serve as student leaders and class representatives.  They plan and lead initiatives and are a liaison between the cohort and program staff.  The members also build community among the cohort.

Writing Coaches

The program recognizes that students may have been out of practice with writing academic papers.  Thus, students are assigned an academic writing coach at the beginning of the Fall quarter that they have access to up through the end of the Spring quarter.  The writing coaches provide guidance for students who want help developing their writing skills and who can answer questions and provide writing-specific support.