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Learn More About the MSHC Program

Learn how our students change health perceptions and behaviors.

Northwestern is no longer accepting applications to this program.

Students in the Master of Science in Health Communication program learn how to improve communication and coordination in healthcare with a broad set of skills and tools rooted in research, technology, and practice.  The program provides opportunities to engage with faculty, classmates, alumni, and special guests that will expose you to new ideas, trends, and professional opportunities. Key features in the MSHC program include:

  • A curriculum focused on areas such as human interaction, difficult conversations, the US healthcare system, how to change health related behaviors, and message design
  • Engagement with professionals in healthcare organizations from across the country 
  • An internship or practicum bridging the program curriculum to a real-world setting

What is a Master of Science in Health Communication?

A Master of Science in Health Communication from Northwestern University empowers you to apply communication arts and sciences to influence health behavior.  The curriculum and expert faculty will develop your ability to design better products, improve communication techniques in health care environments, systems, and services. Graduating with a diverse set of knowledge and skills in behavior change strategies and design thinking amplifies your impact within healthcare companies and organizations.


MSHC Program Graduates

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Meet some of the MSHC Alumni

Discover why our alumni chose the MSHC program and how the program helped them make a difference by creating practical solutions to change the healthcare industry.