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A Different Approach

Interaction Design

Interaction design is a process and way of thinking that strives to create meaningful relationships between people and the products and services they use in a healthcare context. It seeks to understand the ways users interact and thus accounts for needs, limitations, and contexts to design more ideal solutions across the healthcare industry.

Themes of interaction design are woven through the curriculum, developing your ability to design better products, environments, systems, and services. Your diverse set of knowledge and skills in behavior change strategies and design thinking helps you amplify your impact in healthcare companies and organizations.

Traditionally, health communication focuses on campaigns and education with the intention of influencing health behavior. While these skills and concepts are also an important part of our curriculum, the Northwestern MS in Health Communication introduces you to a broader understanding of how you can apply communication arts and sciences. You’ll amplify your impact by learning how to use interaction design to identify and solve problems in healthcare.